Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why did I think running a business out of the house was a good idea?

I do not recommend this as my business has completely taken over my house. I have a friend who runs one out of her house, and she has a dedicated room for it...that's the way to do it. Me...I gotta do crap the hard way. We now have a sewing/homeschool/dress assembly/football equipment dumping room...formerly known as my dining room. I miss it so.
I work on dresses every minute that I can-when the babe is sleeping or otherwise occupied destroying something in the house. He's a fast little booger.
Lately, I've been so busy (because I can't say NO...but really, who's gonna turn money down?) that I've been attempting to work while the munchkin is still rampaging through my house like a bull in a china shop. Not the best idea ever.
Last night was by far one of the funniest and most stressful...I HAD to get a few things done to make a deadline, so I kind of let the babe have free reign...10 minutes and a whole lotta banging later(his brother was supposed to be keeping him occupado...thanks buddy), I look up to see nothing short of the aftermath of an Atomic bomb. That sucker managed to empty out the entire tupperware cabinet, pull zip loc baggies out their boxes, throw all the formula cans on the floor and roll them to the living room, pull half the school books out and proceed to chew one, and unravel an entire spool of black thread. sheesh. Where is my trusty eldest during this disaster session? Watching TV. Good lord. Where's my WINE??

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