Monday, October 24, 2011

Ping Pong Balls and the Harry Potter Wanna Be

So we have our little Fall Fest/Halloween party coming up with the homeschool group this Monday...I volunteered for halloween colored dyed eggs and ping pong balls for a few games we have set up. I hit up Ebay for the ping pong balls, bought 100 of them because they were crazy cheap, and stashed the bag on the homeschool shelf to be dealt with later...not even looking twice at what level the shelf was.
(side note: EBay thinks that, based on my recent purchase of ping pong balls, they strongly suggest that I consider the purchase of a Beer Pong table...oooooookay then..Me+Peer Pong would NOT be a good idea. Ever.. I love to drink, but not like that!)

So it's Saturday morning and of course my little nugget of cuteness has me up at 4am again, because everyone gets up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturdays for no reason. And that baby ran full steam until 6 o clock that evening..Sheesh. The Boy had travel baseball tryouts at 9, and I HAD to get a dress and a jon jon finished to get to the embroiderer for final touches, and since I put it off the night before, jumping into bed as soon as the baby knocked out, it was a must situation. I fed the baby, then let him have free reign of the sewing room so I could get cracking...usually, he likes to dump out the scrap bin and throw the pieces all over, lay in them, chew on them, etc...I have learned to not let that freak me out, as normally it would, it keeps me calm knowing that he's plenty occupied so I can get some work done...he could play in that for quite a while before deciding that he's ready for something else.
The Boy got up and wanted food too, so I busted out the grill pan and made pancakes(he had a big day coming up)...flip a cake, sew a line, flip a cake, sew a line... Breakfast is done. Back on the sewing machine, working around thousands of fabric scraps and laughing at my silly little baby who is happier than a pig in shit, while he plays in the scraps, and his brother tosses him and the dog pancake bits...yes, he's treating his baby brother like the dog, but whatever, everyone's happy at the moment.
So I gotta pee. Like really gotta go-two pots of coffee have run through me and it's time. Asked The Boy to keep an eye on the The Babe and ran down the hallway...didn't even bother to shut the door, as I knew I'd have a visitor any moment now to ask me a very unimportant question that needed an immediate answer. So I'm trying to pee as fast as possible (of course it's two pots of coffee so it felt like forEVER)..and I hear sizzling and giggling...sizzle and giggle...What the hell are you doing? I'm throwing water on the grill pan Mom...I'm summoning smoke like Harry Potter! Ok dude....
And then I hear a sound that can be none other than 100 ping pong balls spilling out onto the floor. Shit, I left those stupid balls in reach. And then the sounds of hysterical laughter as both of them proceed to throw the balls at each other. Darting down the hallway, I almost wipe out on a ball...enter the kitchen and picture this...
The smoke summoning continues by the Harry Potter wanna be, faucet on, fling, sizzle, giggle...The baby throwing ping pong balls at him...and my poor dog sitting in the middle with this 'save me' face. Dude, I thought you were watching the baby?? I was, but I had to summon smoke too, I can't do both!
Part of me wanted to lose it, but my sense of humor kicked in, and I sat right on that floor and threw ping pong balls with my kids:-)

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