Thursday, October 13, 2011


We have a poop problem lately. A big one. This baby has most definitely pooped his entire weight plus some in the last few days...Our latest incident this morning has me still gagging...Our little gem is walking now, so he's not as near me as he used to be so I could smell THAT smell earlier. Half-awake, begging the coffee pot to hurry UP already...I do smell the smell...upon investigation the smell has run down the diaper (Luvs, I should sue for false advertising)...and trailed from the kitchen to the living room. A line of poop. The baby is halfway between me and the hubs...I see the trail as the line in the sand and I refuse to cross it. Hubs looks at me with that look-you know-the one that says 'u gonna take care of that or what'. I shot back an equally demanding look and a remark that almost caused an arguement. But as we stood there looking at little bit and his cute poop covered self, all we could do was laugh, and tag team the clean up. I heart cleaning poop at 5am. I highly recommend it if you are dieting.

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