Friday, October 14, 2011

My hubs cracks me up

I almost forgot about this one...
It's October and also Breast Cancer Awareness month, so the boys, in tune with the NFL players, change their laces to hot pink, and socks as well...some of them change the mouthpieces, gloves, etc... We do it show support for the cause. So as I was changing the laces in The Boy's cleats (becuase 'I don't know how'-yeah right), Hubs asks, Why do they celebrate BCA month anyway-no women play in the NFL...Well babe, it's a leading cause of death in women and we need to keep the awareness and prevention alive. No, I get that, but why did the NFL pick to support that? Why can't they pick something that can affect their players directly- Why isn't there a Testicular Cancer Awareness month-none of them want to lose their balls-you know they could all wear blue socks and shit. Good point babe, good point. 

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