Friday, October 14, 2011

Gump and the Trailer-The Homecoming Saga Continues

I am beyond annoyed..May have even hit the breaking point, or pretty close to it. Why do people insist on being stupid???
Yesterday was, of course, total insanity. Started off pretty innocent, got to work, did a few things, updated the blog, and returned to stressing the F out about this GD trailer for the homecoming parade. 
We had a maybe, and a 'well I gotta call my old man's brother in law in Mississippi and he's supposed to text me any minute now'...I do not function well at all with the unknown. AT.ALL. 
Now, I'm pretty spontaneous when it comes to fun stuff, but when things need to get done, and we are on a time crunch, I get really agitated with the I don't knows and maybes. That's just the way it is, that's how things get done, and get done right. (It just dawned on me that The Boy is exactly like that and maybe I shouldn't get so aggravated with him when he's trying to plan out every minute of NEXT Saturday...haha)
Around lunchtime all hell broke loose...the trailer is getting very questionable-something about rotten floorboards FML, and I get a call to alter a bridesmaids dress-for TOMORROW..well today now. Sure, I can do that-she's a good friend, she was desperate and she needed me-how can I say no to that?? And I needed to take a leotard down a size that I've been putting off all week. And get my Halloween dresses done and out the door. And check The Boy's spelling words. And football practice. 
I seriously considered stopping for a cocktail before I even attempted to step foot in the house. But responsibility prevailed once again, and I haul ass home, scooped up The Babe from nursery, and hit the ground running when we got home. Well, I tried to hit the ground running, but almost killed myself tripping over a freaking spatula on the kitchen floor that I KNOW my dearest hubs and eldest walked past about 50 flipping times during the course of their eat, sleep and fart routine of the day. Mommie dearest is starting to surface, I can feel it. Ask my kids and the hubs-they do NOT like when the MD comes out of me. It's not good.
And The Babe wants nothing to do with walking at this moment. At.all. My hip is the only place he wants to be. No daddy, no bubbie, only Momma. I have learned to just adapt to these moments, as he's only this little once, so I'm getting all my snuggles in now:-) on to making bows for the Halloween dresses with one hand..the bridesmaid dress and that dang leotard will have to wait until the maniac toddler is sleeping. 
Now this evening was one of those rare occasions that Hubs is home in the evening, so I took full advantage of it and left him and The Babe home while we went to practice to deal with the trailer situation. 
As we are walking into the park, I see all of my moms standing in a circle and a few heads doing the bob-you know the one-you can tell from a mile away that some bitching is going on. I'm like greeeeeeeeat, what happened now, dreading the walk up the group. Everyone turns when I get there and says 'you are NOT going to believe this'...brace yourself, deep breath, ok 'what happened?'...Come to find out, one of our moms told our space cadet Coach Gump that she HAD A TRAILER AND A TRUCK A WEEK AGO!!!! Are you f'ing kidding me right now?? Nope. Not kidding. So when I asked him on Monday what the deal was with the truck/trailer, and I got a look like he had no idea what he was talking about, it was either plain ass stupidity, or the man really could give a shit. I think it's a combo of both. Needless to say, now MY head is doing the bob and I am PISSED. All of this stressing out for nothing. Is this dude serious?? Like does he realize I may rip his f'ing head off for being such a douche?? 
After we all got over the shock of the sheer stupidity of Gump, we found our table, and got to the business of decorations and gossipping....until practice is over and Gump comes strolling up. 
Hey Gump, did ya forget she told ya she had a trailer? Huh? You told me that? Sure did. Oh, uh, maybe I remember somebody telling me something about a trailer, but I dunno whatever. OMFG.KILL. One of the moms tore him a new ass....awesome that I didn't have to do it, and she did WAY better than I could have:-) 
So now, instead of being done, we will be decorating our trailer tonight. Friday night trailer decorating party...Good thing it's 2 for 1 at the drive thru daiquiri place on Fridays..;-) 
Homecoming here we come!

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