Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I have learned the last week.....

Oh the joys of the holidays....
I have compiled a list of things that I have learned this past week:
1.Toddlers have a knack for knowing when you neeeed to get things done...insert baby meltdown for no particular reason here..
2. It is possible to baste a turkey with a baby on the hip..not recommended, but you do what ya gotta do.
3.I cannot cook small. Ever. Not in my nature.
4.Leftovers...even the good ones...get old real quick. No more turkey please!!
5.Babies and Christmas trees do not mix. Ever. Learned this from an unfortunate incident involving said baby, crazy weenie dog and a tree that I thought was out of reach. Everybody's fine...just a huge mess to clean up.
6.Babies will find a way to break the unbreakable ornament....hello munchkin with a mouth full of glitter...
7.Baseball practice in the freezing rain is for the birds.
8.I must be insane to volunteer to do it all again for Christmas Eve.
9. Black Friday is no fun when you're broke.
10. I love my family more and more every day:-)

It's been a crazy week of baseball, cooking, sewing, and NOT shopping LOL....

Wishing all of you very Happy Holidays!!!!

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