Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drama whores, Halloween fun, and the Dryer incident., In no particular order.

I've been getting e mails wondering if I dropped of the face of the earth...I assure you all I am alive and well, just stupid, ridiculous, ludicrous  busy...
So I apologize for the sparse postings!!! Thanks for thinking of me though:-)

I'm hoping everyone had a fabulous Halloween! We sure did! We went to the little Fall Fest party with the homeschoolers, which was nice, and had PERFECT weather for it!!! Then a few of our friends came over and we walked around the corner to the 'big houses'(lol) to go trick or treat. Trick or treat has changed DRAMATICALLY since Katrina down here...nobody really goes in their own neighborhood, it's done in concentrated pockets in the areas with the larger homes...very different from when we were growing up. But still just as fun, and we do thank everyone on Corinne Drive for the hospitality!
Trick or treat was a hoot, we started off with a good group of 25...only about 10 came back with us-stopping and going got us all separated pretty quickly. One of my BFF's dear husband brought the 'Party Wagon'...*see above pic* the man is a genius and I see why she married him. We had music, cold beers, and strobe lights...what more could you ask for? The kids had a blast, we had a blast, it was a good one:-)

And I'm very happy to say that after being dryer-less for a few days, we finally got a new one! Wahoo! crap, that means I gotta wash clothes now. Shit.
That was a fiasco in landlords are ladies...and there we are...3 chicks trying to figure out why the 3 prong cord won't go into the 4 prong outlet. Why the h is this not a universal thing with these cords?? A man must have come up with that crap. After some investigation, we figured out that a quick cord swap would do the trick...easy enough right? Not. Apparently there are ground wires, and white wires, and white wires should not ever go where the black wire goes. After tripping a breaker, and my heart stopping for a sec watching my friend plug it in and then that BZZZZ noise happened, and calling in some man reinforcement, we got it done. So sometimes ladies, you really do need a freaking man. Don't ever say you heard that from me! LOL!

And then there was the horror that is the Facebook Drama Whores. I thought Halloween was on MONDAY?? 
We talk about a lot of random stuff on my facebook page...most days we go from kids, to bitching about husbands, to bitchin about housework, to news, to what's for goes all OVER the place. Kind of like my mind...
I guess it was sometime last week a discussion was going about what to do with facebook 'friends' who over post, annoy everyone, preach to people...etc.a general post that spun off into a very funny somehow it was relayed to someone I know that this post  was about them(not a single name or certain action was mentioned), and a shit ton of un-necessary drama has ensued. I have a pretty good idea who the relayer is too. I'll never understand why people do crap like that. What are we, in high school? In fact, I don't even remember high school being this ridiculous. You have to be some delusional lunatic to obsess over facebook posts and decide that you know they are speaking subliminally to one particular person, then go run your mouth like a yenta on a bad day like you have ANY idea what is going on.

this is what I have to say about that one:

     My brain hurts. I don't really have a lot of funnies today, I just really needed to get that off my chest. thanks everyone for the sweet comments and support.


  1. I remember that post! I even commented on it. It was actually fun to see what other people had to say on it & to know that everyone seems to have at least one of "those" friends...and not a single person mentioned a single name. I'm so sorry it caused drama for you! Damn drama whores! :)

  2. Exactly, the whole post was so very general! I'm still pretty pissed that it got twisted into a story for someone to have something to talk about, but such is my life LOL!!
    I got some great advice once-If people really need to make up drama then that's their own issue, and maybe they're just a little jealous. I don't know why anyone would be jealous of me, i'm a mess!!!