Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's that time of year again...Football drama, baseball fundraising and a little poop incident

Ok so the holiday insanity has hit our house way too soon. Like seriously can I get through Thanksgiving at least? The shop has been bombarded with orders, and alterations, I'm stressing the F out about Christmas presents already, and on top of that, even though with our awesome schedule change with hubs back on days...I feel like I have even LESS time to get shit done-how is THAT possible???
So much is going on , and the babe will be 1 tomorrow. I'm so sad and proud at the same time. Where the hell did the last year go???

So we've had alllll kinds of funnies going on lately too... babe figured out how to get through the doggie door finally...we all knew it was bound to happen, but I had hoped in the back of my mind that he would eventually leave the damn thing alone. No such luck with that baby...curious little heathen he about a hawt attack looking to my left and seeing nothing but little feet going through a hole in my house. Yeah, we need to work on figuring out how the dog gets out, but the baby stays IN. Anybody got any tips on that one?

We also had a very unfortunate poop incident...remember that weenie dawg who loves to eat diapers? Well apparently the boy accidentally left said weenie dawg in the bathroom after a very hectic morning and a dirty ass diaper got left in the bathroom trash can (because some very cute little baby who shall remain nameless woke up covered head to toe in poop and needed a 5am bath). Needless to say, dawg ate the diaper, tore the diaper, tossed the diaper around and around, and make a complete wreck of my bathroom for the 6 hours he was stuck in there. I know both of my men-hubs and the boy-saw the condition of the bathroom and chose to ignore...probably because neither of them wanted to break it to me, nor did they want to clean it, therefore ignoring it makes it all go away right? Amateurs. they must think I was born yesterday-dude if you forget to flush, I know your ass has been in there since you got home, did you NOT see the destruction??? Lord help me. One hour and a bottle of bleach later, I had a ruined pair of jeans-grrrr-and a clean bathroom once again. Not that it STAYED clean. Whatever.

We were feeling a little guilty that we skipped travel football this year, as it is an awesome trip to play in the Turkey Bowl in Gatlinburg, TN, and the boy just loves it. Money, time, and patience were not on our side this year, so we took a pass until next year...I have to say I'm very glad we did that. For once the drama doesn't involve me-yay-but good GAWD is the shit hitting the fan over there in football land (we have some crossover mommas doing both sports at the same time-god bless them!!)....I'll just say this-If you advertise that you are having tryouts for an 'all star' team, collect the same amount of money from each family, and make each family sell the same amount of tickets, etc...Then you are giving people the impression that their child is an 'all star' and that you picked them to PLAY on your team. I mean, that's what all stars is all about...the cream of the crop, the best of the best, hand selected to represent our town. Well, that's what it's SUPPOSED to be anyways...Fundraising money is supposed to also go towards the team, and carefully recorded, and reported to all parents as often as possible. When you don't do that, people start asking questions...especially when you fund raise for something, then turn around and charge the parents for the very thing they were fundraising for. Just saying. It's dirty. And then to only play certain kids and bench the rest except for 2 or 3 downs...who are you trying to kiss up to fool? Ladies and gents, Gump has a replacement now, his name is Bubba...and he's a tool. My advice to those that have expressed their frustrations...enjoy the vacation, try to ignore the fact that a ton of money is missing and your kid got the shaft, and DON'T DO IT NEXT YEAR:-) Once a con artist, always a con artist. Lesson learned ladies!

Our little baseball team is gearing up for our 2012 Travel Season...the boys will be playing their first tournament together hopefully in a few weeks-please uniform company people...don't screw this up. Thanks:-) Momma's been a fundraising fool, and hustling that takes a lot of dough to finance a travel team, and I have a knack for talking people into handing that dough over. Guilt trips are very effective:-) Thanks to all that have donated so far, and if you haven't yet...what the hell are you waiting for??? Kidding! I kid...we really to appreciate all the support, it costs the families a lot of money too, and any donation helps defray that. So thanks!

Shameless plug time...well..because I can...go check out my sewing business on facebook...I gotta pay for all this equipment LOL...Share with your friends, the more the merrier!
small style.

Thanks for reading my rants...I'm sure it's only going to get better...12 boys on the road, which means eating out , which means 12 boys+parents and siblings invading a restaurant of some sort...a 1 year old and a Christmas Tree....oh yeah, December is looking awesome:-)

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