Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm getting to be a bitter byatch...

Why I’m becoming a bitter bitch.
You know what, we’ve had a helluva month. Like really. It is a task just to get out of bed and function lately because I am so downtrodden and depressed. This morning is the icing on the cake…hubs got up in serious pain (which he has beared with for weeks now-pinched nerve or something in his neck/back) and just couldn’t go anymore. I sent him to the doc, in hopes that they can help him. Along with this pain has been a whole lot of snapping and nasty comments to each other due to him being in constant pain, and me being pissed that I can’t help him and getting tired of the constant griping.
Yeah, that’s been my week. So on top of the car getting wrecked that we have to pay for, stressing about stupid fucking Christmas(and I say that because I am a VERY giving person-it’s never about what I get, it never has been I’m always last-I LOOOOOOOOVE shopping and wrapping and seeing the smiles!!!!-and it’s been very hard to do that with little money this year)-now we have to deal with a huge office visit bill, and prescriptions with no insurance. That’s right. We don’t have health insurance. I’ve been told it’s our own fault that we are in the position that we are in by some very nasty people. I’ve also been reading blog comments on an article discussing how the census now shows 1 in 2 people are living in poverty. And now I’m a pissed bitter bitch. You can choose to read this or not, I really don’t care, I needed to get this out. Keep your negative, preachy, self righteous, know it all comments out too-don’t care about that either. I AM grateful for my healthy children, so don’t tell me to be. Don’t tell me God is watching out for us, better things will come, have faith, yadda, yadda, yadda. Because in all honesty ya’ll…I just don’t think that’s true. I’m not in any way shape or form looking for sympathy, help, or a handout. Maybe I’m looking for anyone that feels the same, or someone who knows what I’m going through. Oh, and this isn’t political either. This is a pissed off, frustrated Momma. That’s it.
I am turning into a bitter bitch because I know we deserve better. I know we as a family have done good, not perfect, but we’ve done the right thing. I have an education. I’m not stupid. I didn’t have kids at 16 (not that having kids at 16 makes you stupid, just seems to be the first assumption these idiot blog commenters make when a family is struggling). How can people be so ugly as to say that people who aren't doing well are “stupid and uneducated”??? That baffles me, and if that asshole would stand up and say who they really are instead of trolling behind a computer, I will gladly meet with them so I could punch them in the effing FACE!
I had insurance, I had a great job, we were doing good. Even had some money saved. Then I was laid off. No warning. No indication that business was getting bad. Nothing. I got a see ya, and a sorry. Fuckers. That one event set off a chain of events in my life that I have officially deemed at the worst day ever. In the past two years, I have struggled to find a job with similar pay, to no avail, similar career, to no avail, only to have to settle for something paying half, doing work that I don’t love, and no insurance. In that time, the savings was gone, the car is falling apart, and we are scraping by, while my poor husband works 7 days a week so we can make some attempt to pay our bills on time.
A lot of yapping has been going on lately about how the economy/welfare system/etc… has gotten into the dire situation that it has. Everyone is a legal/constitution/Occupy/blah blah blah expert. I have my own version, not that I am any expert, but I have a lot of friends in the same situation as us, and there seems to be a recurring theme: Middle class is being squashed out. How you ask?
Let me break this down with out rambling too much…or try to at least….
Our wonderful government has enabled people to abuse the system for so long. Can’t ‘supposedly’ feed your kids? No problem , we’ll look right past that Escalade that you drove here in, and the designer clothes that you are wearing, and hand you a card so you don’t have to pay for groceries. Then you can go to the grocery and fill up that Escalade with premium foods, steaks, snacks, soda pop, whatever your heart desires. Don’t worry, the taxpayers got ya back babe!-We will just overcharge everyone else to support you! Why do you think groceries are so high? I really think it’s because these big chain stores know that they have a huge customer base using food stamps and they DON’T GIVE A SHIT how much it costs, because they are not paying for it.-so no matter what the prices are, they will sell their stuff, you can bank on that. *Meanwhile, I, and many people I know-who drive beater cars, work our asses off, and struggle to make it-but deemed “rich” by the DFS people, are shopping at the discount grocery store, couponing like crazy, and using a calculator to make sure we don’t go over budget. How is it at all fair that I have to pay for someone’s premium groceries while I shop at the discount store and coupon? HOW????? I have NOTHING against helping people who REALLY need the help-that’s what this system is MEANT for-but there are FAR too many people getting help who don’t need it! If you have a luxury car, designer clothes, and IPhone, and your kids are playing with IPads in the checkout line-there is no way in hell you should be whipping out a food stamp card. THAT right there is abuse. And everyone just looks the other way.
Can’t pay your rent? No problem, we’ll look right past the fact that no one is paying child support to you that is court ordered(because we don’t feel like enforcing them), and the fact that you refuse to work . Here’s a check for ¾ of your rent in a nice, brand new housing unit, with a pool, work out room, and free internet, oh yeah, here’s a free cell phone too. All you have to do is come up with ¼ of the rent, but if you can’t do that either, we’ll cut an extra monthly check to you just to make sure. Meanwhile, the landlord’s who get that Section 8 now inflate the rental prices-because they know they getting at least ¾ of it from the government, therefore driving up rental prices all over the area, including those that don’t take Section 8. Never in my life did I think I would pay $1000 a month to live ANYWHERE. EVER. Thanks for that one.
Can’t pay your daycare? No problem, we’ll let you lie on your application and not check your so-called job references, and pay ¾ of your daycare bill too. So again, the inflated prices come again, and us ‘rich’ folk are stuck paying that ridiculous inflated price just to go to work and try to eke out a living, oh yeah, and paying for your ¾ too!
Can’t afford insurance for your kids? No problem, here’s an insurance card, go to as many doctors as you want, anytime you want, we got ya covered-we won’t really verify your income. You wanna know what happened to us? We had public insurance for the kids because it was our only option-$600 a month for private insurance was totally out of our reach. I got a 50 CENT raise and reported it. Because that’s what I was told to do. We got kicked up to the fee based program which now costs us $200 a month, which ate up my raise, and then some-it’s a vicious ass cycle we are stuck in…that’s cool, because we did the right thing. How many millions of people did NOT do that? MILLIONS. That is why the system is broken-it has been turned from into a temporary helper into a lifelong lifestyle choice. It wasn’t meant for that. It wasn’t meant for people to stay on it forever. It wasn’t FUNDED or budgeted for that. Taxes were meant to help keep our country functioning…not support people who think it’s a game to drain the system until they get caught…which they rarely do. You know, cuz the government should be happy that they are here on this earth and should pay them to exist. Don’t even GET me started on how the HELL illegal immigrants get benefits. Come to America! We don’t care if you’ve never paid a dime in taxes and send all the money you make here (by taking a job from an American wanting the same job) to your home country and not pay taxes on that either. We’ll still feed your kids and pay for their healthcare!!!
EARNING a living is going out the window. Working for what you have is going out the window. The mentality of ‘why work when I can have everything handed to me’ is taking over. The mentality of ‘uncle sam owes ME’ is crippling this country. I was raised to work for what I have, be proud of what you have, always strive to be better, to do better,  as were many many people I know. But SO many people now just don’t have that in them anymore. Why? Because the laziness has been enabled to the point where our country is flat ass broke.
And again, I’m not saying that ALL people on assistance are like that!!!!!
This is the new middle class people-we don’t even exist anymore. Too ‘rich’ to use the system that we have faithfully paid into for all these years, yet the cost of living is squeezing us to death and that glass ceiling just sits on top of us like a ton of bricks. Screw it all. That’s what I got.


  1. I stumbled across your page by accident, and what a great find. This is the best shit I've read in weeks, hell maybe even years! I would love to ramble on about how you could not be more right about EVERYTHING! but I must read more NOW!! Love it! Love you, and I don't even know you!