Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2,000 and counting....

So I hit 2K today(thanks to the help from some of my fab fellow bloggers)...not a huge deal in blog land, but still pretty damn cool to me. When I started blogging, I didn't know where it was going to take me or how long I would do it, but I am truly grateful to have the outlet.And thank you all for the support.

There are thousands of blogs, many of which I love, many with higher numbers, many who are funnier, and many who are really, REALLY good writers...I'm glad to be part of all of this and hope to continue it for as long as possible.

I have made some great new friends, and lost some friends. Made enemies and allies, and gotten myself into trouble on a few occasions, but with no regrets. It's all in the name of speaking my mind. Sometimes people don't realize why the mommy bloggers do what they do...I'll tell you why I do it: I live kind of an isolated life-yes we are running around to ball practice and shit, and I always have SOMEthing I need to be doing, but as far as social interaction, I don't get much. The hubs works nights, so he's never home, and I spend most of my time out in public chasing my toddler down so he does not destroy anything or hurt himself. So I blog about it and yak on Facebook- It's nice to have a place to talk about my life with like-minded people.  Not everyone has to agree with me, but at least respect it.

And boy have I learned some shit over these months! Here is my hugely smart-ass laced list:

*Someone will always think that your sarcastic post is most surely about them and throw a fit. It's the nature of the beast-carry on.

*My kids are actually NOT the grossest boys on Earth-I have decided this after everyone else sharing their kid's shenanigans, and mine are forever banned from Facebook so they don't get any ideas.

*The Mommy Wars suck and I'm over it-just let each other be please. No one is intentionally trying to fuck up their kids, we are all doing what we think is right, and so long as it's not dangerous, leave it be. Do not assume that your way is best and that you must save everyone from their stupidity-it's insulting frankly. If I get called ignorant one more time, I will seriously slap the shit out of someone.

*Google is not always fact. You are not a doctor/lawyer/blah blah blah just because you looked something up on Google. It does not make you an expert in shit other than reading. I can't say in comprehension however, because I see people post shit all the time from parody websites that they think is true. Stop diagnosing each other over the internet, and trying to be something you are not. Be ok with who you are-nobody cares about your Dr. Google MD...

*If people don't want to hear your point of view/opinion/or experience because it doesn't match what they are saying, the deleting starts. Stop doing that. It's childish.

*So many people insist on knowing everything about everything. Ya know what, it's OK not to know something-and it's not OK to tell people they are stupid because they don't know something. Stop doing THAT too. You don't have to be a know it all-we were all born with varying brain capacities and that's what makes the world go 'round-different people doing their thing in different areas. I would rather be really good at a few things, instead of trying to be superwoman. Nobody is. And those that claim to be have issues.

*I am sick of conspiracy theories. People...the government is not out to kill us all with vaccines, and bio hazards, that shit is ridiculous. They are too busy worrying about how to waste money than killing off their taxpayers, or genocide, or all the other shit that gets posted. Nobody is trying to kill you. Take off the foil hat, be comfortable in your own decisions(whatever they may be), and go enjoy your kids. Call me ignorant, but I want to remember my life with my kids was as happy as I could make it-not stressing out about un-proven heresay.

*Someone is always ready to spin your stuff into a bunch of drama. Again, go enjoy your kids. Quit worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Anyways...that's my dumb list.
Thanks again to everyone for all the laughs, the tears, the jokes and the funnies. Looking forward to many, many more!!!

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