Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it really 'reality' tv???

So last night was one day a week where I can watch all my DVR'd reality shows in one shot in total peace...well my version of peace. My dearest happened to be home, and was subjected to the 'incessant cackling from a pack of beat up broads'(he's kind of  a smartass), since I REFUSED to change the channel.
So I'm engrossed in the ridiculous drama, enjoying my peace, no toddler kicking me in the face, eating out of the cheeseball bucket like a boss, and the hubs makes a comment- 'Babe, do you REALLY think this is what really happens...this HAS to be staged right?? Who does that to their kids??'
Before I started with my speech about letting me watch my show...I stopped and said to myself...IS this REALLY real? Then I got to thinking about all the insane stories, ridiculous drama and outright back-stabbing that goes on in these shows. Like really, how have none of these moms not slapped Abby Lee Miller right in the face? Who would let their child be talked to the way she does? Who looks so perfect all the time in real life-aka OC Housewives...Who sleeps with every guy they are sharing a house with for the summer, and then acts like nothing happened and there's no 'weird' hanging in the air-aka Jersey Shore...and on and on...
The answer? NOBODY. It's not real yall, this is the modern day Soap Opera. Remember when our moms and grandmas used to watch Days of our Lives, Guiding Light, All my Children, etc... religiously? Talked about the stories like they knew each of the characters personally, got sad for them, got mad for them...the whole nine yards. These old soaps are dying off one by one...Because today's Mom needs something more. Insert 'reality' tv! Original reality tv was the first 2 seasons of The Real World...that shit was REAL. Nobody had ever done that before, acting for the cameras wasn't even thought of back then.
That one show has spawned an new era for tv shows...Almost everything is a reality show, touted as real people going about their every day lives... which is a crock of shit. Take it for what it is...this is the 21st century Mom's Soap Opera, conveniently on at times when we are actually HOME! Full of juicy, crazy plotlines and nasty crazy bitches causing chaos all over this great country!  Some shows do a pretty good job of covering their made up plotlines-aka Housewives, Tabitha Takes Over, and a few others I'm blanking out on...but seriously...Mob Wives, Big Rich Texas, Dance Moms, even Jersey Shore...that shit is SO staged, and SO fake, and SO scripted. I mean really-have you SEEN 'My Big Redneck Vacation'??? WTF??? People say 'omg I love this show, you can't MAKE this stuff up!!!' oh honey, yes you can...and they did. So that's my new name for my shows, and  I am now my grandmother and must watch my Soaps whenever I get a chance...except I don't have to fool with a VCR...

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